360Live 2.0 – Xbox Live iPhone App features Gamertag Management

Juan Xavier Larrea has released an update to his application for the iPhone called 360Live. With this update it is one of the first Xbox 360 apps that lets you do more with your GamerTag and gives you almost complete management over your account.

With over 1 Million people that have been banned this November, I’m not sure how many people will want to fork out $2 for this app, especially when they can’t even use their system. But, I wouldn’t be surprise if it still sold like hotcakes as this is the first app with gamertag management.

Designed for hardcore Xbox 360 gamers and iPhone owners, 360 Live is a gorgeous looking iPhone & iPod Touch application that retrieves your friends Xbox Live stats such as their gamerscore, online status, gamer pictures, avatars, latest games, achievements, send/receive messages and much more.

However, you may wish to wait, because as Joystiq points out, Microsoft says that all apps pertaining to XBL must be free, so it may be only a matter of time before it costs zero.

iTunes Store Link – 360Live

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Main Features
* Sign in securely using your Xbox Live credentials. 360 Live automatically retrieves your friends.
* Complete Gamertags management. Add, remove, accept or reject pending requests.
* An organized Friends List. Grouped by status (Online, Offline, etc.)
* Gamer Profile and details including gamerscore, bio, location, country, gamercard, avatar, etc.
* Check your friends complete games history.
* Compare locked and unlocked achievements per game and gamertag.
* Send and receive messages. You can even send messages to multiple recipients!
* Gamercard coverflow style carrousel on landscape mode!

360Livegamercard inbox

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  • nrgyzr

    This is great. I will be happy to pay for this.

  • tbutch

    Yeah … the app also comes with a 100% guarantee.

    That you will also not be getting laid in the next 3 years!!!!!

    Could there be a an app that reads “I'm a huge dork or 15 years old” bigger then this one? I doubt it.

  • rorypiper

    Hey, there is no such thing as “cool” anymore. Dork, Nerd, and Geek are the new cool. Get with it! ;-P

  • Half-pint

    That's great, but “Friendz” app has been doing this for months.

  • Half-pint

    That's great, but “Friendz” app has been doing this for months.

  • I guess its a cool app (if you have an xbox), but I wouldn't pay a cent for it.

  • Dusty

    Cool I guess for Xbox users…

  • *sigh* Please people, don't pay for this. It'll be free in a couple days.

  • nickhesson

    I never said it was a fact.

  • nickhesson

    I never said it was a fact.