Air Canada iPhone App Updated for iOS 6, iPhone 5 and Passbook Integration


We were the first to tell you about Air Canada’s integration with Passbook for boarding passes yesterday. Well, their iPhone app has been updated for iOS 6, the iPhone 5 and Passbook just this afternoon and it’s available for download:

What’s New in Version 3.7

PASSBOOK INTEGRATION: Air Canada’s Electronic Boarding Pass is now Passbook enabled! Just check-in on your mobile device, online or at an airport kiosk like you do today. If you’re eligible for an Electronic Boarding Pass and are using an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 6 you’ll receive the Passbook version.

IPHONE 5 & iOS 6 SUPPORT: We’ve added support for the iPhone 5’s screen size and made many tweaks to ensure the app runs smoothly on iOS 6.

PULL TO REFRESH: Pull down the list to refresh your flight, vacation and cargo information.


The update also adds pull to refresh for updating your flight info.

Let us know how this update works for you, especially Passbook support for boarding passes.

Click here to download Air Canada–it’s free.


  • Jim

    Do I need to check-in for my flight before adding to passbook?

  • Yes

  • TenaciousDMAN


  • draz

    I would like to see what cool things devs can come up with for Passbook aside from tickets and gift cards.
    Hmm… The provincial lottery comps allowing us to buy the tixs through an app and having your numbers show up on Passbook? Hmm….

  • Works good for me, an email with a link to passbook boarding pass was sent to me after check-in. The staff at the airport was a bit surprised by this new thing though.

  • Cool thanks for the review.

  • Ken

    This update seems to have taken away the ability to delete flights from “my flights” so when I had to change my flight I could not delete the out of date flight. Very annoying.

  • Christina

    How do I delete a flight?!