AIR MILES iPhone App Recently Added the AIR MILES Cash Feature


If you’re an AIR MILES collector the iPhone app recently added a new feature (at the end of August) to allow you to redeem your miles for cash and activate it within the app. Previously, AIR MILES Cash required members to sign in on to activate the program, but now it can be accessed right from the iOS app. The program itself was introduced in January of this year.

The program’s new instant redemption feature shows various offers right within the app depending on where you live from participating sponsors across Canada. Once activated within the app, users can then redeem by swiping their AIR MILES card.

A couple current offers in BC are from RONA and Shell, where 95 of your reward miles can be redeemed for $10 off your transaction in store. There is a limit of $200 per day for AIR MILES Cash redemptions to protect members.

Click here to download AIR MILES from the App Store–it’s free. I’d like to see Passbook integration sometime in the future. That would eliminate one more card from your wallet. Let us know if you’ve been using this feature to redeem your AIR MILES.


  • Pauline Taylor

    This new Air miles app for iPhone seems to be a wonderful app. Using this app you can redeem your miles for cash and activate it within the app.

  • Passbook would be welcome here as well. Optimum card and all that kind of cards would make us a big favor supporting passbook.

  • TY

    I have added my optimum card to passbook. I can not find the same option for airmiles. Do you know how I can add it to my passbood?

  • How did you add your optimum card?

  • You can add it with a site like PassSource but Shoppers Drugmart do not accept virtual cards.

    The reason for this is because the Optimum card allows you to redeem points for cash discounts at the register. What would prevent a user from copying or guessing another person’s Optimum card number and redeeming their points?

    Perhaps they could allow for virtual cards to collect points but not redeem them but this would require a pretty in depth change to the register operating system which enables redemption of points once a card has been scanned.