Airmail iOS Update Introduces Several New Features, Workflow Integration

Popular cross-platform email client and alternative to Apple’s native Mail application, Airmail, received an update to its iOS version today, bringing a few notable extra features to the app.


This mail client offers features similar to Dropbox’s discontinued Mailbox app with the ability to sort out messages for a later date, and Airmail version 1.5 introduces all-new customization option. The app’s website explains a few of the new features:

With this powerful new function, creating your own custom workflow of chained actions. Combine multiple actions into a single powerful swipe, or menu action. For example, With a single swipe, apply a specific label, archive the e-mail and move on.

Set an email as a to-do, snooze it, label it as a work-related message, reply with a pre-written response and archive! All of these actions, with a single swipe. With a vast list of custom actions, the combinations are limitless and give you full control over your e-mail workflows.

Airmail, unlike Apple’s default Mail application, allows for the integrations of many third-party applications, allowing for high levels of customization. The new update includes integration with the impressive Workflow iOS app, allowing for users to set up automation and complete multi-steps with ease. Additionally, the new update includes integration with the new Bear note-taking application.

In addition to fixing some minor bugs, a handful of new Custom Actions have been included too, along with an OpenURL action, a new Default Inbox, and support for Gmail authentication.

Airmail costs $6.99 CAD and is available in the App Store now. However, if you’re still looking for a free Mail replacement, check out Readdle’s Spark.

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