Amazon for iOS Updated with New Gestures for Faster Shopping


Amazon for iOS has been updated today with some new press and hold and swipe gestures, to make it even easier to shop.

To add items to a list, all you do now is press and hold on an item’s image, then drag it to a new bottom tray, where a thumbnail will appear. To remove the item from the bottom tray, just press and hold and wait for the option to remove it, or tap the “…” menu.

IMG 0769 IMG 0770

Unfortunately I did not purchase these Lucky Charms Treats, although maybe I should…

When searching for items, new swipe gestures make it faster to add items to cart and see related items. When you see the item you want to add to cart in your results list, just swipe to the left. To see related items, swipe to the right. Check our screenshots below:

IMG 0771 IMG 0772

Last but not least, iPad users can now initiate a product return from Your Orders, bringing the app to speed like its iPhone counterpart.

Click here to download Amazon for iOS in the App Store. The company also says the app should run smoother as well.


  • KIII

    Is there any type of online guide for Amazon shopping? Always have been a little confused by the differences over eBay.

    I heard it was a more secure platform as you do not give out your address but how does that work out with buying from the sellers listed on Amazon? Is it all through Amazon in general or do you have to set up a purchase only “sold by Amazon”….

    What is the best way to use the Amazon service?

  • Items are sold by Amazon, or “fulfilled by Amazon”, which means they stock a third party’s goods and ships them. The other option you’ll see are good sold by third parties, but just listed on

    The best bet is to purchase items sold by Amazon or fulfilled by Amazon, as you’ll get the option for easy returns and awesome customer service support (their chat on the web has never let me down).

    If you need household items, the Subscribe and Save option gives you a 5-15% discount depending on the item, and it’ll magically show up at your door at the intervals you set.

  • KIII

    I think the other sellers listed on Amazon had been the area that was a little hazy,

    Considering joining up for that part you mentioned on household items. Have you tried it Gary and if not do you know of someone that might have? Interested in knowing if it beats the having to deal with local shopping task.

    Also a little hesitant on using a credit card for Amazon shopping as I don’t know of someone that might have had any security problems but Apple Pay at this point will be another year at least.

  • Yep we’ve tried it, did it for our kid’s diapers 😛 Saved us so much time from going to a big box for baby stuff.

    I wouldn’t worry about credit card security with Amazon…it’s no different than online shopping with another retailer, although I bet Amazon has better security in place. Shopping with the iOS app is easy, you can use Touch ID to authenticate logins and purchases.

  • KIII

    That sounds perfect especially with summer tourist time fast approaching. Thanks for the info here G.! Will check out the iOS app for sure. ????

  • Jason

    I too have bought from Amazon with the subscribe and save. Just keep in mind that Amazon more about convenience then price. Some times the subscribe and save items are more on amazing. We too did the diapers through Amazon. But we also found that sometimes superstore (loblaws) would have them cheaper.

    On a side note, I wish Amazon was a bit better but on the Apple Watch. Watch app lacks.

  • I completely agree about the convenience part! You can’t put a price on goods magically showing up in 2 days (sometimes less) with Prime.

    Yeah, while Walmart/Superstore may be cheaper, there’s an “agony” price to pay when visiting. The parking lots and line ups in store are so painful!