Amazon Shows Off How Awesome Kindle eTextbooks Are–On the iPad


Screen Shot 2013 03 11 at 3 53 00 PM

When Amazon isn’t targeting the iPad mini against its Kindle Fire HD on its homepage, it is showing off how cool its eTextbooks are for students looking to take their studies to another level. What’s interesting about the following Kindle eTextbooks demo is Amazon pimps out the Kindle iOS app for iPad, rather than showing off their own Kindle Fire HD tablet…strange. Check it out below:

Amazon has been busy lately in Canada, as it recently introduced the Kindle Paperwhite, launched its Prime program and Kindle eBook store.


  • Petey

    The can’t show how the “iPad” app works on a kindle fire though. So while I get your point, the point is to show their app and how it works. Yes at the end they mention other OS but the video is primarily to plug the iPad app. Their selection can’t even begin to touch Apple’s though.