American Express Canada for iPhone Gets Touch ID for Logins


For American Express Canada cardholders, the credit card company has updated their iPhone app with support for Touch ID for logins. This means you can now quickly login to the app to check transactions and other changes without requiring your login credentials.

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What’s New in Version 3.4.4
We’ve improved the usability of the App. Get quick access to your account with Touch ID log in and see your recent transactions including pending charges.

Click here to download Amex CA for iPhone in the App Store. Cross your fingers American Express Canada will support Apple Pay when it launches here!

Thanks @crosseyed_mofo


  • Rio

    YES! FInally. Tangerine, BMO and Amex was all I needed.

  • Andre

    Just activated it. Works. Amex even sends you an email right away to confirm.

  • Rio

    Actually it would be nice if Questrade added it as well

  • sukisszoze

    Next up.. Amex Apple Pay!!