Rovio Soft Launches Angry Birds ‘Under Pigstruction’ in Canada


Rovio has soft launched a new game today exclusively in Canada, Angry Birds Pigstruction (yes, another Angry Birds game):

Today, we’re giving Canadian bird-flingers a sneak peek at a brand new game that’s under pigstruction, featuring those most enraged of avian protagonists, the Angry Birds! Join the core cast of Angry Birds characters (and some new faces) in a brand new twist on the slingshot gameplay you know and love.

Angry birds pigstruction

This new game brings multi-stage levels, spells and the ability to challenge other players. If you don’t have Angry Birds fatigue yet, you (and your kids) will probably enjoy this latest addition to the family.

Click here to download Angry Birds Under Pigstruction in the App Store, it’s free.


  • Biggy604

    Angry Birds is still profitable? I thought kids moved on to Minecraft and the like on iOS/Droid.