Angry Birds Star Wars Soars to #1 in the App Store–In Only 2.5 Hours


Rovio launched Angry Birds Star Wars yesterday and already the game has become the top paid app in the U.S. and Canadian App Stores. 

angry birds star wars

According to Rovio the new game broke previous records by hitting the top spot in the U.S. in only 2.5 hours, which is just insane:

Angry Birds Star Wars made the jump to hyperspace yesterday with a phenomenal launch. Within 2.5 hours of launch, the app soared to #1 in the US iOS App Store, blasting away all of our previous records.

Angry Birds Space broke 20 million downloads in less than a week and was deemed the fastest growing mobile game in the world back in March. Will it be topped by Angry Birds Star Wars? Rovio’s continued success with the franchise has been impressive on all levels.

Did you help contribute to the rise of Angry Birds Star Wars? 


  • sigh

    cant believe people STILL play this JUNK… awful

  • As much as I’ve hated the Angry Birds franchise, I couldn’t resist this one. So yes, I did contribute to the numbers (in Canada). I’m finding the game quite a lot of fun actually!

  • Whiner Elitist

    Wah! I have to be elite by not playing games that are popular Wah! Wah! Anybody who likes what I don’t like really sucks! Wah! I’m too good for you WAH!

    Seriously I thought only the Fandroid slaves tried to tell everybody what they should like and not like.

  • Loser

    Lol … Typical reply from a sheep … Baaaaaaa

  • artikas

    Never really liked angry birds

  • Hank

    … to each his own i guess. some people like curry stuff. some don’t. the world does not revolve around one’s personal choice. to think otherwise is awfully pathetic.