App Santa Promo Offers Up to 80% Off Award-Winning iOS Apps for Christmas [LIST]


Realmac Software has teamed up with some of the most popular and award-winning iOS app developers for a Christmas promo again, bringing savings of up to 80% off.

Hero 2x

The sale on the following apps runs until December 26, 2014 and most likely will be targeting new iPhone and iPad users that receive the devices for Christmas. This is by far the best time to jump on these apps.

By discounting these apps now, it will most likely launch them into the top apps rankings (ahead of the iTunes Connect holiday shutdown from Dec. 22-29) and making them visible to new iOS device owners. Let us know what you’re going to pick up!



  • Ryan Laker

    I love Deliveries, I have been using it for ages. I have it on both my phone and Mac. Great app.

  • Yeah it’s awesome. Love that it detects from the clipboard on iOS.

  • Jhon

    I think the pdf expert 5 price is messed up since it actually went up from 5 to $7 rather than down to 3!

  • Whoops, you’re right. We made a mistake. It’s actually $9.99 > $6.99.

    On Dec. 1, it went up from $6.99 to $9.99, then it dropped for the promo.

  • lindasofiya

    my best frends brother just got a twelve month old Chrysler 200 Convertible look at here ,,,,,,,,

  • Anon

    Funny thing is, I have most of these apps and got them for free when they were apps of the week.

  • Mark Radsolz

    Another Free app to try is VisuCaller – call a phone number without typing. Developer tweet shows its free until Dec 29th. So far, its got all the phone numbers I have tried correctly.