App Store Featured Section Gets New Layout in iOS 6


After some outages in the App Store this afternoon, it appears Apple is testing a new layout to the Featured area in both the App Store in iOS 6 on both the iPhone and iPad.

As you can see below, the iPhone’s Featured area now has a side scrolling top area for the Editor’s Choice pick, App of the Week, and other categories. Other pre-arranged subcategories appear below as tiles further down, similar to what we’ve seen within iTunes on the desktop.

The iPad’s Featured area now shows the top area in a Cover Flow-like display:

It was just last week Apple introduced Genius for the App Store in iOS 6 and a new revised search layout, making use of features from its acquisition of Chomp.


  • j.b

    i’m assuming it’ll be released with the new iphone on september 12th?

  • That sounds likely. Either the GM gets released the same day for developers first, then the public later. Or just a full out public release.

  • einsteinbqat

    Big rounded rectangles everywhere