Apple to Increase App Store Prices in Canada


Apple’s App Store team notified developers earlier this evening prices are set to increase in Canada, Norway and the EU, with changes being made to “account for adjustments in value-added tax (VAT) rates and foreign exchange rates,” as noted in the memo below (via AppleInsider):

App store price increase canada

Other App Store prices are set to decrease in Iceland, while ‘change’ in Russia. Apple says the changes will take place in the next 36 hours. It’ll be interesting how much of an increase we’ll see once these changes take place. Keep an eye out and let us know once you see something.


  • Carlos

    I’m the biggest Apple fan and I own way too many of their products but this is an outrage. We already pay more for the hardware and now they want to gouge us for ecosystem-locked software. At least with OS X you can purchase software outside of the App Store but with iOS you are out of luck. I’m very disappointed in Apple.

  • Riddlemethis

    so far, prices have not gone up. if you have an iTunes card, might as well start buying (depending on the price of course). Check out the historical prices of the apps and price changes through various 3rd party sites. I noticed Echofon Pro never has gone down in price.

  • If you buy apps directly the price has already gone up because most online purchases are in US dollars. The cost of a US dollar in Canadian dollars has gone up 20% in the last two years.

    Blame Harper not Apple. (Ok maybe it’s not all his fault but I still hold a grudge for Bill C-12)

  • NObama

    Blame Obama and his Saudi friends for decreasing oil prices so substantially in attempts to hurt the Russian and Iranian economies… our Canadian economy is so heavily resource-based that it has hurt us a lot and killed the CAN$

  • ????Dennis

    What about when our dollar was on par or even more for the longest time? This has nothing to do with oil… Canadians have always and will always be gouged.

    I do like the prices at the pumps though. I will never complain about lower gas pricing. It’s like everyone got a raise on their pay cheques.

  • Al

    ummmmm…. no.

  • Al

    “If you buy apps directly the price has already gone up because most online purchases are in US dollars”.

    What are you talking about?

  • Al

    As much as I completely agree with the fact that we are paying less for apps now than the US (from their perspective), I’d be far less inclined to spend money on apps if the price increases. Apple has already been gouging Canadians by 25-30% for movies and music for years, so I rarely buy anything from there unless it’s on sale.

  • Mac Mekawi

    Good thing I already have all the apps I need.
    Any new purchases will be on hold, historically, did they bother to reduce prices when Canadian dollar was above par?

  • ????Dennis

    I feel the same…It’s like they just waited to have an excuse.

  • BrodieTheDog


  • NicPicker

    I’ve got most all the apps I need…unless theirs something out there that’s really good I’ll prob buy about 3 or 4 apps this year.

  • Cody Woodward

    … app prices in the Canadian App store are 100% not in USD….

  • talkiewalkie

    Funny seeing this article right after the ‘record breaking’ profit year for the app store.

  • Al

    I realize I’m talking movies now, but for interest’s sake (and it’s still the Apple Store)…
    Lucy… $15 (regular price) on the U.S. store …… $25 on the CDN store.