Apple Store iOS Freebie: Panorama App for Instagram ‘Panols’


The Apple Store iOS app, which lets you purchase products, currently has a new app freebie available to redeem called Panols ($1.99 USD), which lets you post panoramic photos to Instagram, taking advantage of the profile display grid.

How to get Panols for free? First, download and install the Apple Store iOS app. Scroll down on the main page until you see the ‘Featured App’ section and tap it. From there, just tap on “Download now for free”, and a promo code will automatically populate for you to redeem.

IMG 1249 1 IMG 1250

Here’s an example of what Panols can do to your Instagram profile, splitting panorama images into three different posts:

Screen696x696 36

Again, Panols is not free in the App Store. You MUST GET THE PROMO CODE from the Apple Store iOS app to download it for free. /yelling


  • NOHoldsBar

    Only 10 reviews on the app store ???????

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