Apple Watch App Store to Launch Today, Highlighted by ‘Get Started’ Section


Apple will launch its Apple Watch App Store later today, as it shared the news exclusively to BuzzFeed. The store will have roughly 2,000 apps at launch, with notables such as Twitter, The New York Times, Instagram and Yelp to name a few.

Apple watch app store

The Apple Watch App Store will be accessible via the Apple Watch app, which is part of iOS 8.3. A ‘Get Started’ app section for Apple Watch highlights the top apps Apple wants you to download:

Apple watch app store 2

I’m excited to try out GolfShot on Apple Watch—here’s what it’ll look like below:

Screenshot 2015 04 23 09 58 33

Initial Apple Watch preorders have shipped and are set to arrive tomorrow. Which apps are you looking forward to using on your Apple Watch (if you can get one)?


  • Nilay

    List is long….

    ? WaterMinder
    ? Scotiabank
    ? Vimofit
    ? Pennies
    ? Pocket Yoga
    ? Calcbot
    ? Accuweather Platinum – Weather for Life
    ? Misfit
    ? Tunein
    ? Dictionary
    ? Raise the bar
    ? Day One
    ? Yahoo Weather
    ? Yahoo News Digest
    ? 1password
    ? Runtastic six pack
    ? Calm
    ? NDTV
    ? aTimeLogger
    ? Wunderlist
    ? Shazam
    ? Evernote
    ? Tangerine
    ? Pommie
    ? Deliveries
    ? ETA – Travel Times
    ? Easy Cooking Timer
    ? Unspent
    ? Stocard – Loyalty Cards
    ? Tinycalc
    ? Places Around

  • Corey Hoffarth

    It’s up

  • Kevin Joseph

    Mine doesn’t look like that. It’s just a list of apps. Maybe 20 or so.