Apple’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ App to Offer Freebies Starting Dec. 26


Apple has updated their 12 Days of Christmas iOS app which will offer a variety of free iTunes media downloads starting December 26th. The free app is available for download in Canada.

Last year’s iTunes 12 Days of Christmas was a partnership between web properties but this year it appears downloads will appear within the iOS app.


Click here to download Apple’s 12 Days of Christmas app–it’s free.


  • hoyeelow

    Sweet. Always love Apple’s 12 days. In the meantime #londondrugs has $50 #itunes gift cards on sale starting tomorrow for $39.99 till Dec 12. (In their flyer). Great stocking stuffers!

  • Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  • Mysogen

    The first item for this year is Maroon 5 Holiday Gift… when selected you then see “Sorry we can not complete your request as it’s not available in the Canadian Store?

    Typical of the Apple we now know and love. They must have hired a bunch of Microsoft people.

  • apple_dissapoints

    same issue + no ipad mini boxing day deals