Apple’s Free App of the Week: Figure, the Music Making App ($0.99 value)


Apple’s free App of the Week is Figure, a music making app which lets users create addictive 3 minute beats or tracks and it normally retails for $0.99.

Got three minutes and want to make some music?

Figure is the fun music-making app for instant inspiration.

Create an addictive beat before the next bus stop or lay down a beefy bass line while waiting in line at the bank. Figure will have you making music within seconds yet is deep enough for endless play on a transatlantic flight.

Figure highlights
• Make songs with Drums, Bass and Lead Synth
• Play by sliding your finger across the play pad
• Always stay in key and on the beat
• No previous playing skills required
• Tweak and twist your track on the fly
• Sounding amazing has never been this easy
• The sound of Reason on your phone!

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I just tested out Figure and it’s actually easy and a lot of fun. You just tap record then do your thang for bass, drum and lead. It will keep playing your combined beat and loop it. Pretty easy.

Click here to download Figure while it’s free for the week.


  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    seems like i have another “TOY” to play with for a while and to make technical review (comment rather). Seems promising at first sight. (confident i will find something to start blaming)

  • It’s fun for a few minutes but I don’t see myself using it over and over again unless I was really, really bored.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    oh well ! i am “board” for real , board of directors . 😉

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    on second thought, i have found a much more interesting app (or web app rather) and while giving Figure a go. SoundCloud is excellent for socialNetworking and for the ones who are “smart” enough, placing a pic with a BBM QRcode get people with similar minds connecTED.