Apple’s Free App Pick of the Week: 360 Panorama


Apple has been running their free ‘App of the Week’ promotion in iTunes and this week we have one of the best panorama photography apps chosen–360 Panorama by Occipital. This app makes it incredibly easy to take up to 360 degree panoramas, taking full advantage of the iPhone’s gyroscope.

All you have to do is pan your iPhone and it starts snapping and stitching images in real time. Once images are finished you can easily share them to social networks or save them to your Camera Roll:

Take stunning 360 panoramas everywhere. 360 Panorama turns your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into a full featured 360 degree panoramic camera. Easily capture immersive panoramas in seconds and instantly share your 360 view with the world. Simply pan the camera and watch as images are stitched seamlessly. 360 Panorama captures the scene in a way you never could with a traditional camera.

This is by far my go-to app for creating quick panoramas. Nothing much else to say but to download this while you can.

Click here to get 360 Panorama from the App Store. It’s regularly priced at $0.99. Let me know what you think!


  • DS

    Photosynth is better

  • What does it do that 360 doesn’t?

  • yearoftherat

    I tried this app and its not as good as Photosyn. You have to actually stop in between shots. If you don’t, the images do not stitch together properly and blurr out. Look at some of the images posted up on their website….horrible.
    I’ve used Photosyn since it first came out and been very happy with it.

  • Ramklov

    Photosynth will do a complete spherical photo, ie all around not just horizontal plus it’s free already.

  • 360 does 360 in full, try it. Faster and easier than Photosynth – possibly not such good resolution, but that could be entirly due to the camera.

  • The better the light, the faster you can move the ‘camera’. The biggest problem I have found is caused by people moving! Sometimes I missed bits of the sky too, or the ground – you have to be methodical to get the full 360.