[Updated] As Expected: VLC Finally Pulled from App Store


Update 1: VLC is now available via Cydia. According to the latest tweet sent out developer Ryan Petrich. Just add his beta repo, to your Sources within Cydia to download VLC. Thanks Ryan!

VLC was released for the iPhone in late October of 2010. Soon after, there was confirmation VLC was going to be removed from the App Store as it violated the GNU public license (GPL) since app purchases have Digital Rights Management (DRM). The open source creators of VLC (VideoLAN) had conflicts with Applidium, the creators of the VLC iOS app. Primarily, it was Rémi Denis-Courmont from VideoLAN that did not agree with Applidium.

Rémi Denis-Courmont From the VideoLAN blog:

At last, Apple has removed VLC media player from its application store. Thus the incompatibility between the GNU General Public License and the AppStore terms of use is resolved – the hard way. This end should not have come to a surprise to anyone, given the precedents.

Rémi Denis-Courmont actually works for Nokia. Maybe he feels a bit fuzzy inside knowing that he just managed to score a victory over Apple–and every user of VLC. I hope you managed to download VLC while it was still available.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, what a loss. VLC finally set my iPhone free of apple’s limited approved video formats.

    While I managed to DL it, does anyone know of an alternative for those who haven’t?

  • The post has been updated. VLC is now available via Cydia. Great news for everybody!

  • yes, this is a sad day… I think that VLC was one of the best player available in the app store… it was able to play all my videos and it was free…

    there are other alternatives like Movie Player ( or OPlayer (, but they are not free…

  • Anonymous

    I managed to get it. But I found the audio quality lacking on many videos.

    But it was nice because it played nearly everything I threw at it.

  • Anonymous

    So if u have it it won’t dissapear next time I sync it??

  • Is DRM the reason Apple chooses to ignore the file formats that 99.9% of the world uses? Thank god I already have VLC so I don’t need to encode all my videos before I can watch them.

  • S3c0nd4ry

    Fcuking Apple.

    They are making their phones worse rather than better.

    They have marketed so well, that anything you want to do beyond the normal limits of the iPhone, you had to have bought it from them, or done tedious conversion work.

    I work at a phone retailer and I love my iPhone. But, its sad, I like my iPhone less and less as each day and each App that is useful gets pulled.

    Anyone else feel like this?

  • ALbert E.nstein

    Thanks Rémi Denis-Courmont for being such an up tight ass. Is he french? Cause that is so french. Act selfishly while annoying everyone else in the process… Please someone slap him really hard…

  • Kirk Armstrong

    Since I don’t plan on jailbreaking my iPhone anytime soon I’m glad I got the free version and paid for the full version. Thx Iphoneincanada for letting us know

  • Jlocicero

    What other useful apps have been pulled?

  • You will still be able to keep and use it… Unless there is an update to iOS that makes it incompatible/unstable…

  • This has nothing with the fact that he is French…
    The software licence of vlc is incompatible with the way apps are distributed by Apple… This is the only reason…

  • Cheers!