Astral Media’s TMN GO for iOS: Stream HBO Canada, The Movie Network


Last April, Astral Media confirmed they planned to launch HBO GO to Canadians in the Fall, but now it has arrived in the form of the free app The Movie Network GO for iOS. This app allows existing TV subscribers to watch over 1,200 titles and 1,500 hours of content from HBO Canada, The Movie Network, and The Movie Network Encore in one app on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac or PC (from

TMN GO is currently only available in Eastern Canada to customers of Bell Fibe TV, Bell Satellite TV and Cogeco Cable. Rogers is set to launch the service in the coming weeks with more TV providers set to join shortly after.

The app features pick-up-and-play so you can watch from one device and continue from another, families can have up to three simultaneous streams and five registered devices per subscriber household, stream quality adapts to your internet connection and titles can be watched over 3G or Wi-Fi. Users can also control video quality to keep their bandwidth consumption in check.

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Click here to download The Movie Network GO for iOS–it’s free. If you’re an existing subscriber, let us know what you think!



  • Jon

    Why do we have to have a cable/satellite subscription for this? Don’t they realize they could make far more money buy charging 13$ for the app and make you pay a 13$ subscription fee? They’ll get customers that want ONLY TMN Go channels without the rest of cable garbage. We’re almost there but these companies have got to realize providers are second to content, not the other way around. Robelus is a dinosaur that needs to learn its place.

  • vizi0n

    if only the app would not close right away after opening it.

  • bradg17

    Damn, says it doesn’t work with jailbroken iPhones. When I try to stream something I get a pleasant little message saying “video playback is only supported on unmodified versions of ios”

  • Hhhmmm3000

    I agree I also think its a scam. Jailbroken iPads do what apple can only dream their iOS can do and here tmn is supporting their stupidness instead of the consumer. Another corporate company that doesn’t have the back of its customers.

  • Hermes5178

    I’ll be dam
    ned, Videotron subscibers cannot use this app!