Atebits’ Letterpress Game Surpasses 15 Million Words Played


Loren Brichter, the founder of Atebits, has announced his new iOS word game Letterpress has surpassed 15 million words played already and has hit #1 spot in the App Store under word games:

In less than a week, we’ve blasted past 15 million words played! It has inspired a new form of poetry. And even those folks who lost power have found a way to make do.

Letterpress is a unique game that I’ve been playing on and off for a week. I wish there was a time limit on making words though and a chat feature. Loren notes some updates are coming, so stay tuned.

Click here to download Letterpress–it’s free.


  • I’ve certainly been addicted to it this past week. At one point, my wife and I were sitting on couches in the same room playing against each other (and a number of friends) for almost an hour. It’s lots of fun and very nicely built.