Audyssey Media Player ‘amp’ Aims to Improve your Music Experience


Audyssey Labs made its way onto iOS via an update to Songza last December, bringing its audio technology to free streaming music app. The audio technology improves the listening experience via implementing specific profiles for each model of headphones from numerous manufacturers.

Just recently, Audyssey launched its own standalone media player, ‘amp’ in the App Store for $0.99. This app brings the same technology found within Songza to your iTunes music library on your iOS device. We have tested the app for the past while now and with our tests, ‘amp’ does indeed bring an improved listening experience to the stock Apple headphones in our unscientific tests. Just tap the Audyssey logo and you will be able toggle the EQ magic on and off, plus access other various audio settings.

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Tapping the album art will bring up the scrubber to jump to any point in your songs, plus show shuffle and and repeat options, just like the stock iPod app.

Various settings enable you to ramp up bass, treble, lows and highs, allowing you to customize your listening experience. A simple setup at the beginning guides you through choosing your specific headphones. We were able bump the bass up and after turning Audyssey on highs sounded less muffled than before.

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If you have doubts about Audyssey’s audio technology, just download Songza and listen with your specific headphones.

Here are three promo codes for Audyssey’s amp music player that expire later today–use them quickly! If you managed to grab one (try NOT to be a creepy lurker, okay?), please test out the app and let us know in the comments if it helped improved your listening experience or not.


Click here to download amp by Audyssey, it’s $0.99.


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    This app doesn’t appear to be available anymore via iTunes Canada