BBM for iPhone Update Fixes iOS 7.0.3 Crash, Adds Contact Categories


BBM for iPhone has been updated to version 1.0.2, which adds new features such as contact categories plus list sorting and filtering in BBM Groups. More importantly, the app no longer crashes in iOS 7.0.3 when you send or receive a photo.

What’s New in Version
What’s new in Version 1.0.2:

– Contact categories
– List Sorting and filtering in BBM Groups
– Performance improvements
– Bug fixes

How to add a contact to a category? Tap and hold on a contact until the left sidebar appears. Then tap on bottom icon, add a category (name it) then add your contact to that category.

BBM for iOS surpassed 10 million iOS and Android downloads in its first 24 hours.

Click here to download BBM for iOS—it’s free. Are you still using BBM (our PIN is 74E657AA)?


  • dick long

    cannot open contact list now, but the app is moving wonderful other wise, just fix the contact list crashing now

  • AK

    I can’t open my contacts list. Crashes everytime. Anyone else knows about this?

  • Trini

    Contact list crashing. Even when you change it from grid to list it crashes the app everytime.

  • Robert Telecki

    This morning I did update … everything is fine, I have no problem with crashing contact list.

  • dr evil

    ^^paid bbry shill.

  • Andy

    Previous version is doing fine for me, except the lack of contact categories..
    Its great that ver manage to add this feature. But at the cost of crashing everytime I opened the contact page.. Please fix this Blackberry

  • Andreas Kyriacou

    Same here, crashes when loading the contact list. While on BB, I had my contacts into groups.

  • what iPhone models are you guys using? I can’t reproduce this issue on my 5s.

  • Gabriela Lopez

    hI ! Can somebody help me ? i have an iphone 4 and i just download bbm but i cant uploud my profile photo and it dosent appear , what can i do ?

  • Rony Joe

    If you cannot open Bbm contact, try to delete the application first, and do the download n instalation again. Remember your past email so you are not in queue anymore.

  • andy

    yes indeed, but the version is not 1.0.2* but back

  • andy

    when unable open the contacts, try to reinstalling again and again until works. it will back to earlier version but some device will not unable to send/receive images