Bell to Launch Bravo GO iOS App to Stream Live TV on July 18


Bell has announced it will launch its first TV Everywhere product on July 18 in the form of its Bravo GO iOS app to allow its customers live and on-demand viewing to the Bravo Network over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks.

“It is with great enthusiasm that we bring Bell Media’s TV Everywhere product suite to Canadian TV service providers, starting with Bravo GO,” said Kevin Crull, President, Bell Media. “GO embraces the evolution of how viewers consume television content. This launch represents a technical rebirth for all our brands, bringing them to more platforms and featuring more programming, both live and on demand, than ever before, and offers new opportunities for broadcasters, advertisers, and TV service providers. We look forward to working with our partners on the roll-out of all of our GO products in the months to come.”

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Bravo GO will be the first of many TV Everywhere products to come from Bell, with other brands such as CTV, CTV News, TSN, RDS, and Discovery to name a few expected in the coming months.

The move is seen to retain TV subscribers from leaving and going to other cheaper alternatives such as Netflix. Bell Media and Astral previously argued to the CRTC their $3.38 billion merger should go ahead as together they would be better off rivalling Netflit. Rogers is also developing a similar service to rival the latter as well, a similar move to retain TV subscribers.


  • djepsilon

    Gee, sure would be nice if SHAW offered something like this! The Gateway system apparently is supposed to support these kind of services (along with the ability to record shows from your smart phone) but who knows when the crap that will ever happen.

  • We just got the Gateway system a couple days ago. According to the Shaw installer, iOS apps are close to being released.

  • djepsilon

    lol, that’s actually really funny! I purchased mine right when it came out… what August 2011? The installer kept talking up all the new stuff they were going to release “in the next couple months” too, lol. Guess their timelines got skewed. Good to know it is at least on their radar.

    All things aside, the gateway is pretty sweet eh?

  • Anthony W

    I can already imagine there will be people getting thousand dollars bill from watching all the pay per views.

  • Haha well you never know with these techs and what they claim to know…
    So far, Gateway is pretty nice, a much better GUI versus the older Shaw PVRs. Still haven’t had time to really ‘dive in’ to it, but it’s nice to know I can record 6 shows at once like a couch potato crack addict if I wanted to.

  • CastlegarGlenn

    Any evidence anywhere that this happened?