Best Buy & Future Shop Apps Updated To 2.0


The Best Buy and Future Shop iOS apps have been updated to version 2.0, bringing various enhancements to the already useful features of the apps.

For the Future Shop app, the new features are:

• Check stock levels in-store and online right from the app
• Rate and review products directly from your iOS device
• Checkout quicker with our faster and more robust process
• Get the stuff that you want faster with In-store Pickup
• Scan barcodes and QR codes instantly

For the Best Buy app, the new features are:

• Easily access additional online content using the QR code scanner
• Place your order right on your device and choose in-store pickup at any Best Buy location
• See if the item you want is in stock at your closest Best Buy store or online
• Rate and review products and tell us what you think
• Faster checkout, shorter wait times and an improved checkout experience

Of all the enhancements in both apps, I like that users can now check store stock directly from within the application!

The Best Buy and Future Shop apps are available in the App Store for free.


  • Jbohn

    Old news. FutureShop app was updated on April 28.

  • Drocass

    Sweet! thanks for the update. When I switched to Android and BB I lost all my apps. I slowly have been getting them back again since im home to iPhone again, and a lot of the free ones slipped my mind.
    I love the idea of checking store stock, a feature I wanted really back with the older versions ^_^

  • Drocass

    Why didnt you alert everyone? come on man! lol 😛 Just playin with you ^_~

  • Ex

    I guess some people just can’t be bothered to help.

  • Drocass

    Well it’s all good anyways, that’s why iphoneincanada is my safari
    home startup page lol I get the news that matters in the world. Screw
    CBC news lol

  • Anonymous

    Love the updates. I can finally see the specs of items now.

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