Best Buy Offering $60 iTunes Gift Card Pack for $55


Our good friend Kris Meador sent this tip in! Right now you can get a $15 iTunes gift card 4 pack for $55 at Best Buy. This does not seem to be offered online, so it is an in-store offer only.

That’s only a five dollar savings but that’s 5 free apps or songs, of a free movie rental. The four pack is handy for giving multiple gifts to family or friends, or as bonus incentives for your employees.

This is a limited time offer, so head down to your local Best Buy and scoop these up!


  • Cory

    They had a better deal a few weeks ago with Future Shop — $50 card for $39.99

  • Yep

  • Limited time? I though Best Buy and Future Shop have started offering $60 iTunes cards for $55 all the time.

  • Where did they advertise this?

  • rvs007

    You can find retailers routinely put $50 cards on sale for $40 (20%)… so this is not that great of a deal.

  • Yup. Just putting it out there.

  • I know as others have mentioned, this isn’t the best deal to come along, but thanks for posting it anyways. If you’re waiting for a good deal, this isn’t the one to catch, but if you need to make an immediate purchase, it’s nice to know that you can at least save $5, which is better than nothing.

  • Mike

    This really isn’t a sale – it’s $55 everyday at Future Shop and Best Buy. I work for a company the supports iTunes by correctly merchandising their gift cards at many retailers.

  • I dont buy apps 😀

  • EB Games currently has $50 cards for $40 until July 22nd, I believe.

  • In stores on the card displays (the ones near the iPods usually). It might be only in a few stores but I remember seeing it a Toronto Best Buy and Windsor Future Shop. (Ah! Mike above in the comments just so happens to have an image of one such display)

  • Ahh, gotcha. Send us a pic next time if you’re there! Thx.