BillGuard for iOS Gets iPhone 6 Support, Touch ID for Unlocking


Money-tracking app BillGuard launched support for Canada back in April, and today it was updated to bring screen support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, along with Touch ID support for unlocking the app.

The 4.2.1 description for the Canadian iTunes link only says “Performance enhancements” and forgets to mention the major update, but the US description announces Touch ID:

What’s New in Version 4.2.1

Touch ID for BillGuard has arrived! Now there’s no need for a passcode to open the app – though the passcode option remains if you prefer numerical digits to anatomical digits.

IMG 0360

BillGuard is similar to Mint, but it only connects to your credit cards. You get to see transactions as they show up on your credit card and users are notified of mystery charges, which can be disputed right from the app.

Monthly analytics also show visualizations to track your spending plus an earlier beta feature launched this summer introduced location monitoring (based on your iPhone’s location) to further prevent fraud charges.

Click here to download BillGuard for iOS—it’s free. Anyone been using BillGuard?


  • sukisszoze

    I am not sure about everyone else’s experience with BillGuard. The app keeps double and triple counting certain credit card transactions and I have stopped using it now.

  • I was experiencing that too. I just deleted and re-added my credit card and it appears to have stopped.

  • Rio

    hmm, haven’t heard about this. I currently use mint and am happy for the most part. But might give this a try as well.

  • Junior C

    It works with bank accounts not just credit cards.

  • TheLostVancouverite

    I like how it’s focused specifically on CC charges for tracking; most of my spending is directed (and paid off) on my CC’s so this works perfectly!

    Wonder if reporting & tagging will be better than Mint?

  • TheLostVancouverite

    Been playing around but noticed that there are connectivity issues (can’t change categories, etc) that mar the “first time user” experience.

    Wish the app categories and the website ones were closer in sync.

  • Dex

    The iPhone 6 part you’ve made it up… It doesn’t support it just yet. Not even in version 4.2.3

  • Scar

    Is this still available in Canada? I can’t find it on the app store or through the link provided! Help.