BlackBerry Says “Still 100% Committed” To Launching BBM for iPhone


BlackBerry’s big rollout of the cross-platform version BBM was originally scheduled for September 21 (Android) and 22 (iOS), 2013, unfortunately, the app never made it to the general public; but did to some lucky New Zealand and Australian users, which triggered 1.1 million active users in the first 8 hours.

BBM for iPhone

However, the once Canada’s proud tech titan — which is one step away from being acquired by Fairfax for $4.7 billion — has decided to halt the rollout, and it broke the silence only today by providing an update on the state of the postponed launch. But don’t expect an exact date though.

The official BBM account provided an update revealing that the struggling company is “Still 100% committed to bringing #BBM to Android and iPhone.”


Roughly a week ago, shortly after its servers went on fire, BlackBerry said it was trying to address the problems caused by the leaked Android app, so it halted its launch plans. In addition, BlackBerry also said that it is staging a “staggered country roll-out” and still working on the iOS app.

Blackberry refrained, a week ago, from estimating the launch date, and is doing the same now. According to the official announcement, the teams are working hard to bring the app that will live up to our expectations of BBM.

Will you download it when available?


  • XBBMer

    I did download the app and the experience is pretty poor on the iphone especially with the auto correct while typing.

  • FragilityG4

    Turn off the auto correct.

  • David Etienne

    The word of this company is absolutely worthless.

  • DravenInc

    I will download it…and if it works well, I will be pleasantly surprised. Though, as a former employee of RIM, I am sad to see this once great company faltering so badly.

  • At this point actions speak louder than words. But don’t you worry, people will download this app to test it out–and then quickly delete it.

  • tyson

    I had the android version working… But once they blocked it I will no longer be downloading the new app… they have done nothing right… This is just the nail in their coffin

  • Matthew in Toronto

    Unfortunately, as is the new normal for Blackberry. This is now far far too late to matter in anyway what so ever.

    The enterprise is super happy with io7 regarding corporate policy and all that …

  • DickGozinya

    You’re not really that dumb, are you?

  • DickGozinya

    Blackberry, just crawl up into that corner and due already. No one wants you.

  • Ryan from Ontario

    What’s a Blackberry?