Latest BMO Mobile Banking Update Re-Enables Touch ID


BMO Mobile Banking gained Touch ID last year, but a recent update disabled the fingerprint reader, frustrating iOS users. You know what’s worse than not having Touch ID? Having it taken away.

Thankfully, an update last week re-enabled Touch ID for users, despite not detailing the return of the feature in the release notes, according to iPhone in Canada reader @bkenny13:

Bmo mobile banking touch id

If you’ve been waiting for Touch ID to ‘return’ to the BMO iOS app, this latest update has done just that.

Click here to download BMO Mobile Banking in the App Store.


  • YoGoerz

    Do you know if Scotiabank also disabled Touch ID at some point? I’m a new customer of theirs and can’t find a way to enable that feature!

  • MleB1

    Yup, had to reinsert my bank card number (plus password) again on this update. Unnerving, in this day of hacked / spoofed apps, if you’ve already done this on older versions and not warned this was coming down the pipe.
    Meanwhile, a brief pause when I got to the Touch ID Registration page as I tried to figure out which colour on Yes / No slider enabled it. Not entirely clear – is highlighted on? Or off? Fortunately ‘I agree’ assisted in that!

  • Léon

    It is a bit convoluted. You have to enable ‘Remember me’ option at the login screen. Then, after you are logged in the pedestrian way by typing in username and pass, it’ll offer you the option to enable Touch ID. If it doesn’t, look for it under Settings options within the app