Bump 2.4 iOS Update Brings App Sharing


Bump, one of the coolest ways to send contacts and more to another device by “bumping” has just released their 2.4 update. This update brings App Sharing, a much anticipated feature. The Bump blog explains:

This has been our biggest feature request of late, and it makes sense as to why.  With more than 300,000 apps in the iTunes App Store, finding the best apps has become quite difficult.  Who wants to sort through the 100 weather apps just to find WeatherBug?  But what is the most common conversation among a group of iPhone users?  “Hey, what cool apps do you have?”

I think this is an awesome idea. When two people with Bump come together, sharing info is incredibly easy and a lot of fun. Now that you can share app links, it just saves time from typing it into the App Store (aren’t we all just inherently lazy?). The only problem with an app like Bump is getting your friends to install it. But once they do, you can have loads of fun even messaging each other.

Here’s the official description from iTunes:

  • App Sharing! Select your favorite apps and bump them to a friend. They’ll get direct links to download the apps from iTunes.
  • Texting and photo messaging now even faster!

Do you have Bump installed on your iPhone? How do you like it? Click here to install Bump.


  • E Leung

    FINALLY!! 😀 Yes!

  • Anonymous

    So this means apps have the ability to see which other apps you have. Hmm. Doesn’t sound very good to me.

  • Gio

    Remember, it only shares the link where to download and not the actual app.

  • Sounds like bumping is an amazing idea… Well sharing of applications and anything with other iPhone users is really cool. but this could be some source of virus or worm right? have you integrated something that can resolve this kind of abnormalities?

  • Anonymous

    The closed system of iOS prevents viruses from entering because it only allows a very small selection of directories and files for you to see.
    A jailbroken phone opens up the entire system so viruses can do their thing.
    But there isn’t any known viruses which target the Bump app….. Yet 😉

  • Some1

    I think this feature is so over-hyped.

    Me: Any new apps?
    Friend: yes, a really cool todo app called “TooDoo”

    Old Method:
    1. Open App Store on phone
    2. Hit search
    3. Type “TooDoo”
    4. Download.

    With Bump:
    1. Both friends open Bump
    2. Friend picks app
    3. Bump to send app
    4. I click on link which opens app store
    5. I click on download