University Students Launch ‘Cab Share Canada’ iPhone App to Share Taxi Rides


Cab Share Canada is a new iPhone app launched yesterday from a trio of university students, which aims to “make taxi transportation more affordable than ever.”

The idea is simple: you download the free iPhone app, enter your departure location, time and destination and the app will ‘find’ you a match, allowing you to share a taxi together, plus also chat via the app. The service has launched in Vancouver and London, targeting college and university students, but will work anywhere in Canada.

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The initial idea was successfully funded through a summer Kickstarter campaign by Douglas College students Cameron Nicol and Jack Gardner, along with partner Shehan Wijeyagoonewardane from University of Western Ontario.

Cab Share Canada says they will be donating 10% of their profits to the World Wildlife Fund of Canada, as part of their goal to help the environment, so you’ll be doing some good too if you try out this app.

Click here to download Cab Share Canada for iPhone—it’s free. An Android version is slated to come out in a few months.


  • Tim

    Two things are needed for this to work. It has to be a large center and by virtue of high population, there has to be a significant adoption rate of this app by cab commuters to create that critical mass. People take cabs because they’re often more convenient than public transit. To maintain that convenience you need a large pool of users going every which way so you can find someone in a pinch who’s going somewhere similar. One exception and perhaps more useful bit, might be for airport commutes if your locale doesn’t have good airport transit.

    Without the budget to really market the app and get the numbers, I don’t think it’ll go anywhere. For that reason, I’m out.

  • You make some good points. Well done, Kevin.

    But yeah, this app needs to massively scale in order to be effective and crowdsource people. It’s really hard to convince someone to install an app nowadays, so it better be good.

  • yermum

    Not enough derogatory flame bait to be Kevin…