Donate Blood Easily with the Canadian Blood Services ‘GiveBlood’ iPhone App

Canadian Blood Services has launched an iPhone app called GiveBlood, which aims to make it easier for Canadians to give blood—and save lives.

The app will allow users to easily find a nearby blood donor clinic, see available appointment times and book right away from the app. Appointments made will automatically place a reminder in your calendar and the app also tracks your donation history.

•Search for donation clinics near you
•Use your current location to map local clinics, and view their services and amenities
•View available time slots
•Book, view or cancel a donation appointment
•Add appointments and reminders to your calendar
•Easily sign-up or sign-in to access your account information
•View and modify your personal details
•View your donation history
•Send feedback
•Social sharing

GiveBlood is available in both English and French. Like the commercials say, “it’s in you to give.” Great idea for an app to make it easy to donate blood.

Giveblood2 Give blood 3

Click here to download the GiveBlood iPhone app—it’s free (and also available on Google Play).

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  • Tim

    This is an area where you shouldn’t need an app. Applications are intended (should be intended) to live on your device for ongoing use. If I decide that I want to give blood, I don’t need an app. I need and want to go to a website where I’ll find the nearest clinic and continue to go there should I desire to go again. This app strikes me as a web page in an app container, the worst kind of “app”.

  • It looks to be another way to promote donating blood. If that is an app that isn’t the ‘best’, that’s still fine with me. It’s about awareness.

  • Tim

    Fair enough, but the ROI has to be factored in. Canadian Blood Services no doubt paid a vendor to have this built for them. And it likely wasn’t cheap. Those dollars come from some form of marketing budget which, in my opinion, could have been better utilized on other advocacy efforts. Not everyone needs an app despite what the marketing hysteria may say.