Canadian Coupon App Checkout 51 Hits 500K Users, Over $2M in Savings to Date


Last December we reviewed Canadian coupon app Checkout 51, which turned coupons into the digital age, allowing users to redeem them right on their iPhone by sending in a scan of their receipt. Savings are eventually mailed out to users in the form of a cheque once they reach $20 total.

Today the company has announced just prior to its one year anniversary, Checkout 51 has reached 500,000 users which have saved over $2 million to date.

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Checkout51 Checkout 51b

The digital coupon space has heated up in Canada, as Canadians look to ditch the paper coupon and use their smartphones instead. Fellow competitor SnapSaves also follows a similar model as Checkout 51, offering savings on a multitude of items as well.

You can click here to download Checkout 51—it’s free. Have you been using Checkout 51? How much have you saved?


  • marc

    Still not work in the Belle Province of Quebec

  • Al

    I’ve found this to be next to useless. Very few useful products. Added effort for a few dollars. Since it started, I’ve collected just over $50. Over the time period, that’s not much. Now I have a cheque sitting here that I have to take to the bank. … I don’t remember the last time I had to set foot in a bank! … What a bother…

  • ticky13

    Mail me the cheque, I’ll bank it for you… or do you also not remember the last time you had to set foot in a post office?

  • Karen italia

    You can deposit cheques at most banks now by taking a photo of it.

  • Rykmann

    Hmmm. Average of $4 per user. Lot of effort for a latte.

  • Al

    A what?

  • Al

    “most banks”? … ummmm …. no.

  • Rod

    Nope! Nor does SnapSaves… It shouldn’t be that complicated to support French receipts.

  • CH

    I’m guessing it has more to do with the government regulations on coupons in QC.