Chromecast iOS App Allows Device Setup from iPhone, iPad [US Only]


Back in July Google announced their AirPlay competitor Chromecast, a $35 HDMI USB dongle which allows users to stream content from their smartphone, laptop or tablet to their TV. The Chromecast is only available in the USA but for those Canadians who went down south to purchase one, you will be happy to know Google has released the Chromecast for iOS app.

This free app (which is currently only available in the US App Store) allows users to detect, setup Wi-Fi networks and configure their Chromecast devices right from their iPhone or iPad.

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Anyone using a Chromecast right now? How do you like it?

Click here to download Chromecast for iOS–it’s free (US iTunes account required).


  • Chrome262

    Someone mentioned on another blog that Amazon .com now accepts Canadian addresses for this product. so when it ever comes in stock it could be a great xmas gift.

  • Prhermit

    Mine is on back order. Suggested delivery sometime in October to a US address. ;(

  • eh2zed

    The Chromecast iOS App is only available in the US not in Canada, When will that change? And when will the Windows 8 app be out??

  • Probably in a few months, especially if the chromecast comes here.