CIBC Mobile Banking for iOS Updated with New Features


CIBC has updated their mobile banking app for the iPhone and iPad. This update brings running balances for deposit accounts and now also supports multitasking for the iPhone and iPod touch users. The app also will notify users better in advance of planned outages to the app. Full change log below:

What’s New in Version 4.5
Thank you for your continual feedback and support. We’re dedicated to keeping the app up-to-date with what matters most to you. The app:

• Now displays running balances on your deposit accounts
• Provides better notification for planned outages and updates to our application when available
• Supports multitasking for iPhone and iPod touch users
• Other enhancements

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Click here to download the CIBC Mobile Banking app, it’s free.


  • Shaun Conway

    But still no iOS 7 support. Maybe I don’t understand the use for Beta’s but I thought it was for developers to update the apps before the official release.

  • They would most likely release support once iOS 7 becomes publicly available. Betas allow devs to prepare for the public release. Most will take their time to update apps

  • RoboCop00

    Apple doesn’t allow you to submit apps using the new xcode prior to the OS going public. So no one could release an app to leverage the new API’s even if they wanted too.