CIBC Mobile Banking Gains iPhone 5 Support, Full Transaction Details


Back in early 2010, CIBC was the first Canadian bank to launch a mobile banking app. Now, we have seen numerous banking apps from the major banks. For longtime users of the CIBC app, it was updated a week ago to gain screen support for the iPhone 5 and latest generation iPod touch, plus transactions within account activity now show full details.

What’s New in Version 4.4
Thank you for your continual feedback and support. We’re dedicated to keeping the app up-to-date with what matters most to you. The app:

– Is optimized for 4-inch Retina display (iPhone 5 & new iPod touch)

– Shows full transaction details on your account activity

– Has other minor enhancements

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Click here to download CIBC Mobile Banking–it’s free. We’re still waiting on the big banks to launch ‘photo chequing’, which we saw debut last week with the Westminster Savings iOS app. What’s your mobile banking app of choice?


  • CIBC is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! in terms of Online banking and iOS App support! TD sucks!

  • bradg17

    Yea I agree, well out of the Canadian banks anyways…

  • Headrush69

    Does the app allow you to save your online CIBC password but use a simpler one locally on the iPhone to access it?

    I ask because use 1Password normally and my password is very long and very random.
    Needing to type it manually or even copying and pasting from the 1Password iphone app, makes using the CIBC app too cumbersome over just using the web access in 1Password.

  • Duff surly

    Hopefully TD will finally update their app for 4″ screen support.