CIBC Mobile Banking Updated for iOS 8, Adds New ‘My Profile’ Section


CIBC has updated their iPhone and iPad apps to become compatible with iOS 8. Version 6.0 also brings a new ‘My Profile’ section which allows customers to change their password and contact info right from the device.

What’s New in Version 6.0
The app is now compatible with iOS 8. This version also includes a new ‘My Profile’ section which provides the ability to change your password and contact information from your device.

Cibc ios 8

Earlier this summer, CIBC announced over 1 million cheques had been deposited via the app’s photo chequing feature on iOS and Android. Last week, TD Canada added photo chequing to their mobile apps as well.

Click here to download CIBC Mobile Banking in the App Store. Let us know how you like this update and if there are any bugs.


  • Eric

    Great. Apple, and US and European banks are working towards revolutionizing mobile payment while Canadian banks add the ability to change one’s contact information from an app. #progress.

  • Canadianboy25


  • Salinger

    What’s annoying in that is, Canadians are already greatly used to tap and pay technology so I think it would be an easy sell here. The US doesn’t even have chip & PIN cards for the most part.

  • puffy03

    Would love to use touchID to log into my accounts. Hopefully that’s coming in the next update.

  • Johnathan Hatton

    Although it would be nice to have the ability to change said profile picture… I chose the wrong image and now I’m stuck with it.