CIBC Mobile Banking for iOS Can Now Open a Chequing or Savings Account


CIBC Mobile Banking received a minor update over the long weekend to allow the creation of a chequing or savings account directly within the app.

This new feature makes it convenient to open a new account directly on your iOS device without the requirement of visiting a branch or using a web browser.

CIBC may be supporting Apple Pay, as earlier this year terms of service leaked, making it likely it could support the mobile wallet along with TD Canada Trust.

The CIBC Mobile Banking app recently celebrated its sixth anniversary in the App Store, and earlier this year gained Touch ID and support for iPhone 6 users.

Click here to download CIBC Mobile Banking for iOS.


  • KIII

    If interac payment changes are an indication AP through CIBC might be this Friday!

  • jabohn

    What are the interac changes?

  • xeronine992

    It looks like Interac is changing it’s fee structure, but that isn’t effective until April 18th. CIBC is making some changes to their services on April 1st, but that doesn’t mean anything.

  • KIII

    Is the interac payment structure not in someway part of the Apple Pay process ?

  • KIII

    Also by some changes for CIBC;

    Send over two Interac payments and a charge of almost $2 is applied.
    Now the fee is waved in support of unlimited payments.

    That’s some change.

  • KIII

    Additional Interac payments allowed at no extra fee.

  • idi u kurac

    I wouldn’t say so. Googling “Interac April 18th” it seems they’re only changing what defines just one tier

  • xeronine992

    That’s for Interac eTransfers (eg sending money from account to account via email). Not purchases with a merchant.

    I’ve remained hopeful of Apple Pay coming to the major banks as much as anyone else, but I’m such a skeptic now. I’ve come to terms with only being able to use it on my Amex.

  • yourmom

    The app doesn’t look like that