Cineplex Mobile for iOS Updated to Version 5.0, Adds More Login Features


For Cineplex Mobile users, version 5.0 of the iOS app has been released today, which adds the ability to login or sign up for a Cineplex Connect account with Facebook, email or Twitter. Also new are some UI enhancements, for a better discovery and navigation experience.

What’s New in Version 5.0
This update allows users to log in or sign up for a Cineplex Connect account with Facebook, email or Twitter and introduces user interface enhancements to the Cineplex app, making discovery and navigation more intuitive and simple throughout the entire application. With a ‘Cineplex Connect’ account, users can manage their SCENE card information, preferences, favourite theatres and access their purchased movie tickets at anytime.

Cineplex mobile 5 0 Cineplex mobile 5 0 b

Cineplex Mobile lets you easily purchase movie tickets and get bonus SCENE points, with no extra fees involved. Passbook support is included to make it easy to get your tickets at the theatre.

Click here to download Cineplex Mobile for iOS in the App Store.


  • Carlos

    When the app automatically updated, it removed my Scene card number. Since I lost that physical card a long time ago and because imputing email and password in the new app does not make the number reappear, I thought I would have to order a new card. Luckily, my Scene number was stored in Passbook so I used that. No waiting for the new card to come to earn points! I’ve now stored the card in my password manager. This sort of thing peeves me off about updates. Why can’t they just import the existing information?

  • einsteinbqat

    About time

  • Rio

    It still does not save my credit card info though 🙁