CityTV App Now on iPhone


Canada’s CityTV has extended its iPad video app to iPhone and iPod Touch devices, where live streaming of the network’s shows are available starting today. The app is free.

Shows that will stream live include Breakfast Television Toronto and CityLine, while those available on-demand include Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, Community (a personal favorite), amongst others. Notably missing from the list is 30 Rock which only offers two minute previews of episodes.

There’s also a neat notification system where you can be notified two hours before a new show of your choosing airs on CityTV, or be notified when a new episode is available to stream from the app.


  • Ryan

    No AirPlay support. Boo.

  • DS

    Finally… great for watching shows at the gym!

  • Buklau

    If you’re gonna watch a show at the gym then you might as well not go at all.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they’ll have full episodes of 30 Rock when it comes back on.  Do the other shows on there go back to past seasons?

  • Guest

    If it’s like the CityTV website, you are right.  On the website you can only stream new episodes for a few weeks after they are released, after that they are taken down.  

  • Wuju

    Hooray. Now I can stream CityTV news LIVE in the morning. I do not have cable or satellite.

    Anyone knows if CTV has an app or other 3rd party app that also does live news streaming? I like to watch CTV Canada AM news in the morning too.


  • Anonymous

    Why no airplay ? The Global TV app has it ….

  • Caileyclow

    Why no Android?