Domino’s Pizza Canada for iPhone Gets Apple Pay Support, Life is Complete


Domino’s Pizza Canada for iPhone has been updated this afternoon to bring support for Apple Pay in-app payments. This means you can pay for your pizza with Apple Pay right from your iPhone, for your delivery or pick up order, without needing to access a credit card.

As you can see below, the updated Checkout screen now shows an option to pay with Apple Pay:


When you select Apple Pay, a pop-up informs you to place your finger on Touch ID to confirm your payment with your default card on file (it wouldn’t let us take a proper screenshot):

IMG 1214

When Apple Pay launched this Wednesday, Apple’s website stated Domino’s as a participating launch partner. However, the Domino’s app was not updated that day to support in-app purchases with Apple Pay, but that has changed today.

Click here to download Domino’s Pizza Canada for iPhone in the App Store. Let us know if you’re going to try this!

Disclosure: have not eaten at Domino’s for many, many years


  • The_Marl

    So, how was the pizza Gary?

  • Haha…I cancelled my order. Although I should order one tonight just for kicks and to use Apple Pay–for you guys of course.

  • Cornfed710

    I’ll be trying it out Monday night, I’ll report back 🙂

  • Michael K

    It didn’t work for me, got a “null” error each time.

  • winnertakesteve

    i gave in and applied for amex. hoping its a stopgap, but i gotta have my one-touch dominos one way or another…

  • Nuser

    Same here. It does not work

  • haha…can’t put a price on easy!

  • Alex

    I did this… Went to pick up my order, they handed it to me and as I went to leave they yelled saying I had to pay. Tried explaining that i’d already paid through the app and showed them my recent transaction in Passbook. The cashier would not let me leave as their system showed I hadn’t paid. Called AMEX later and had them dispute the charge. Lesson learned I guess? The pizza looked alright :/

  • Had a similar situation at a local coffee shop. Apple Pay showed the “check mark” that it went through but their machine still was waiting for me to pay. Your story is a different situation though, hope you enjoyed the pizza 😛

  • Alex

    Hey Gary! That’s unfortunate.. I didn’t have another form of payment since it was a grunge “drive to the store and get back home” kinda trip. So they probably enjoyed it, or the garbage did. Kinda terrible but i’m calling Dominos head office tomorrow to let them know about the issue.