Domino’s Pizza Canada Gains iPad Ordering, Apple Watch Tracking


Domino’s Pizza lovers, the company’s iOS app just got better, as version 3.0 has been released, which includes a new iPad app to allow ordering from the tablet, plus an Apple Watch app for order tracking.

The iPad app has an animated pizza builder with “high resolution photos of your favourite pizzas”, while the Apple Watch app allows you to track your order, with the ability to dictate your order number right from your wrist.

Domino s pizza ipad

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The company says there’s also a new Coupon Wizard to make it easier to order pizzas and meals. Domino’s Pizza also supports Apple Pay, so you can pay right in the app to confirm your order.

We’ve tried it once before to test in-app Apple Pay and from our experience, Domino’s makes it very easy to order a pizza from your iPhone. It’s another example of a company executing a slick mobile order and pay solution for its customers. Now about that pizza doe…

Click here to download Domino’s Pizza Canada in the App Store.


  • Tim

    I think the bigger news is there “no click” app. This is going to make me fat.

  • I like the Apple Watch tracking idea, but damn I order dominos too much as it is lol.

  • “Domino’s Pizza also supports Apple Pay, so you can pay right in the app to confirm your order.”

    Oddly, after using it successfully last fall, it appears Apple Pay hasn’t been an option in my Dominos app for a while, and it’s not there in the 3.0 version either — I would have hoped it would have returned.

    With this week’s wider launch of Apple Pay, however, I’ve noticed that Dominos is listed under “Coming Soon” on Apple’s Canadian Apple Pay page, so it seems like maybe Dominos is still having some trouble with it?

  • Weird. I haven’t ordered from Domino’s since trying it initially for Apple Pay. I’ll see if I’m getting the same later.

  • Yeah, I recently moved into a new area with a Dominos around the corner, so it made sense to give it another try, and I was surprised to see the Apple Pay option had completely disappeared since a few months ago.