Download VLC Before it Gets Pulled From the App Store


We first wrote about the VLC app when it finally added iPhone support. The first VLC release was on the iPad. Well, it now looks like that could all change as VLC is rumoured to be pulled from the App Store.

The short story is that Open Source folks feel the App Store is not compatible with GPL parts of the app. All apps within the App Store have FairPlay DRM (including VLC), which contradicts the GPL notion that anything should be freely transferable without restrictions. iTunes conditions limit the install of free and paid apps to only 5 devices.

So go download VLC for your iPhone/iPad since once VLC is pulled, it’ll be gone forever.

[VideoLan Complaint, MacStories]



    downloaded the first day it was launched… love it… now I can play almost all kinds of encoded movies…

  • It’s a fantastic app. Saves time when wanting to watch movies on the iPhone.
    I hope it doesn’t go.

  • xxJDxx


    Open source folks?
    not compatible?

    This article lacks some important information….

  • Anonymous

    And this is exactly why my code won’t be under the GPL. It’s entire purpose is to take legal control of your code out of your hands and into the hands of everyone else, which really ties you up when you want to actually do something with it.

  • Sporadik Styles

    I really like how this app puts an add-on in safari and mail. Hope apple doesn’t remove it. Although terrible for .wmv I’m sure they’ll update. I wish apple weren’t Nazis all the time

  • Xywix

    so waht will happen once it gone…u cant download it only, or they will force us who already have it to remove it!

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