‘Edmonton Photo Radar’ for iOS is Trending in the App Store


It seems photo radar apps are popular in Edmonton, as another app is now available. ‘Edmonton Photo Radar’ for iOS is currently trending in the App Store in Canada, according to the search tab. The app displays photo radar locations in and around Edmonton, plus will notify drivers of approaching locations.

Edmonton photo radar Edmonton photo radar 2

The app was recently updated to only send notifications if drivers are travelling above posted speed limits.

The app has mixed reviews, with some users noting it asks to allow for location data “all the time”, while some state the app doesn’t work.

Back in July, another photo radar app for Edmonton hit the App Store, called Sidekick.

Click here to download Edmonton Photo Radar in the App Store.


  • Harold Mitchell

    Just drive properly and you won’t need to worry about photo radar (reminds me of the “fuzzbuster” radar warning device in Ontario in the 70’s promoted by Marilyn Lastman).. …getting off my high horse mode now.

  • Good Citizen

    What is next an app that shows where checkstops for impaired driving are? Don’t speed. Don’t text. Don’t drink and drive.
    Are we so screwed as a society that we need to be “warned” where speed traps are?

  • YoGoerz

    It’s poor design that this app will only function with background location tracking enabled. If you enable location for only while the app is open the app just doesn’t work. Like are they collecting user location data or something?

  • Cornfed710

    Not everyone agrees with you