Esso Speedpass iOS App Gains Touch ID for Logins, Pay for Gas with Apple Watch


Esso Speedpass+ for iOS has been updated with new features today, now also adding Touch ID support for sign ins, plus the ability to use Apple Watch to pay for gas.

The update says customers can also redeem Esso Gift cards or Price Privileges cards by scanning the barcode from their Speedpass+ app in-store.

Esso speedpass apple watch

Back in June, Speedpass+ gained Touch ID for confirming fuel purchases instead of using a 4-digit PIN, and also gained social sharing options. Still waiting for in-app Apple Pay support.

Click here to download Speedpass+ for iOS in the App Store.


  • Many99

    Is there any reason why there isn’t in-app Apple Pay as of yet, especially when US version of the app has had it for awhile

  • ? Pay would be an extra step. You would need to authorize the purchase every time you’re at the pump.
    Also, the physical Speedpass key tag is still the fastest means of payment.

  • xeronine992

    Have you ever used the SpeedPass+ app? You have to do this already, but you need to store your credit card information with Esso. Adding Apple Pay would be the same amount of steps as the current app each time you fill up (but with added security), but the initial setup process would be faster.

  • But what I am saying, is I think ApplePay does not accept one-time set-up for multiple purchases.
    Basically, an SpeedPass+ would not be able to memorize your ? Pay information to Authorize your card whenever you want to pay without triggering the ? Pay authentication process. That is the extra step that would take time.

  • xeronine992

    Are you talking about the Speedpass key fob, or the app? If the key fob I agree, but we are talking about the app.

    The Speedpass app in for Mobile is able to authorize using Apple Pay just fine so there is no reason why the Esso version can’t. You open the app, select your pump, select Apple Pay and you’re good to go!

  • pcoop

    Bad reviews.
    Don’t you check the reviews before you recommend a product?

  • pcoop

    bad reviews!!
    Don’t you check out products before recommending them?

  • Ali

    I have enabled the Touch ID setting in my Speedpass+ app, yet it keeps asking for my 4-digit PIN instead of my fingerprint / Touch ID. Any suggestions?