Removing Facebook App and Switching to Safari Will Extend Battery Life by 15%


Last November reports had already indicated that the ultra-popular Facebook iOS app drains the iPhone’s battery. Facebook reacted by issuing a fix, an explanation, and an apology letter to users, but questions still remained. Guardian technology journalist Samuel Gibbs conducted his own experiment, revealing that by uninstalling the iOS app he saved 15% on battery usage.


Gibbs used an iPhone 6s Plus for a week without the Facebook app installed. Instead, he switched to the Web version of Facebook, which, he says, is almost as good as the app. His reason: After finding that removing the Facebook Android app extended battery life by 20%, he went on to test it on the iPhone.

As he explains, he charged his iPhone overnight and used it normally, but now, instead of launching the Facebook app, he accessed his account via mobile Safari.

The result speaks for itself: Besides saving some space on the device, he was able to get 15% more juice by 10:30 p.m. each day during the experiment. The case isn’t isolated, as he asked other iPhone users to follow his example, and the results were similar with increased battery life.

The results may be different on an iPhone 6s because of the smaller battery, but you may be able to extend your device’s battery life by removing the Facebook app and switching to mobile Safari. Facebook says it will investigate the matter.


  • OliChabot

    Thats what I am doing at the moment on my 6s and saving about 6-8%.

  • iverge


  • winnertakesteve

    I did this over a year ago. As soon as they required me to download a second bloated app for messaging, I switched to web only and never looked back.

  • I did this exact thing some months ago, Best part is that link open in Safari with access to keychain and view controllers so no ads and trackers.

  • Kael

    Facebook has not been on my phone for a long time now. To much battery drainage! Like it was a LOT! Web app is better as you can also block the ads

  • LouisDC

    I’m still using the Facebook app, but I close it (by swiping it up inthe task switcher) each time I’m done with it. It works like a charm, no more background battery drain from the Facebook app!