Facebook Fixes iOS 7 Crash with Latest 6.7.1 Update [u]


Facebook has released version 6.7.1 for iOS to address a crash affecting users since its most recent update which added iPad support to delete and edit posts.

What’s New in Version 6.7.1
• Bug fixes

The update can’t be installed for some reason, which many of you have told us about. We had to delete and reinstall the app to acquire the update. If you’ve already signed into Facebook within iOS, you won’t have to fill in your login upon reinstalling.

Facebook update

This update should address any crash issues you may have had. Let us know how it works out for you!

Update: The update is now loading and installing fine without a reinstall.


  • Timmy

    Delete an uninstall does not work on my iPhone 5. Had to restore the previously backed up version from iTunes to get Facebook back. Still can’t install the new version.

  • montymon

    New version finally installed for me.

  • Martin

    Was finally able to install the update after many hours of it not working. I don’t know if it worked because I navigated to the app’s page and then tapped on Update (instead of just updating form the Updates tab), but when I tried that it finally updated. For some reason, it asked me to enter my iTunes password, even though I had just updated another app a second before.

  • Timmy

    Just tried to update and it worked finally!

  • Yeah I was also asked to enter my password too.

  • Nice!