Facebook Messenger Gets iOS 7 Update, Adds Ability to Text Any Number


Facebook Messenger for iOS has just received a major 3.0 update to bring an overhauled interface for iOS 7. The app now allows you to message people in your contacts, not just Facebook.

What’s New in Version 3.0
What’s New:
A completely new design, updated for IOS7. Custom in-app sounds.

Not just for Facebook friends: Now you can message people in your phone book. And it’s easy to add new contacts—just enter a phone number.

Facebook messenger ios7 Facebookmessenger ios7

We just quickly tested out this update and we must say it’s a pretty slick redesign. If your contacts have a blue icon next to their name it means you will be able to message them through the app. We didn’t opt-in to sync our contacts with Facebook’s servers, though.

Click here to download Facebook Messenger for iOS—it’s free.


  • Jfmartel

    So basically Facebook Messenger is now like whatsapps. This is great. Just a small bug right now, I cant receive the confirmation sms to get my phone number working with the apps. Anyone else?

  • MrFlip

    Same here!

  • Christian Henry

    And some jackass on the dev team decided the *Android* version should have the exact same look and feel.

    Yes, the new look “works” on my iPad w/iOS 7; no, it does not “work” on my Galaxy S3 running *any* Android version.