Facebook for iOS Update: New Homescreen Icon, Photo Viewer Button [Update]


Facebook has released a minor update to its iOS app, version 6.1. This update brings a new home screen icon, which looks quite slick, plus a new photo viewer button so you can save, share or make profile picture when viewing an image. To access this new button just tap the three dots next to the tag icon when viewing any image:

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Other changes include better editing of places you check in, plus faster loading events. Full change log below:

What’s New in Version 6.1
• Photo viewer button lets you save, share or make profile picture
• Improved places editing when checking in on iPhone
• Events load faster on iPhone

Facebook launched version 6.0 of its iOS last month to debut chat heads, stickers and an improved news feed.

Click here to download Facebook for iOS–it’s free.

Update: a subsequent 6.1.1 update was released to fix bugs and return the icon back to normal.


  • Pourya

    They just released another update right after one hour, back to previous icon!…

  • The new icon was pretty bad. It’s also interesting to think how Facebook made that mistake, and how fast Apple approves apps for them.

  • Thank goodness the “new” icon is gone. It was awful. Looked like a folder filled with one giant Facebook app.

    I noticed the background on it looked like a blueprint. I wonder if that’s an internal icon that the Facebook staff uses to test out new versions and differentiate them on their phones, and they accidentally posted an update without switching that icon out. Pure random speculation, just based on the blueprint look of the icon.

  • K4

    that’s exactly what i’m thinking! (Y)

  • mackman6151

    I don’t get the point of that photo viewer button when if you just tap and hold the pic it brings up that same exact menu. Kind of redundant on iOS…

  • xxxJDxxx

    I may be the only one but after the last update the app got considerably slower. It would hang when trying to open pics or comments and my battery began to die 6-8 hours into the day. I finally made the connection between this app and the battery dieing. After completely removing the app and reinstalling all seems to be well. Just thought I would post in case anyone else was having this issue.