Fake IntelliScreenX App Makes Its Way into the App Store [PICS]


Just last week a fake version of SBSettings, a popular jailbreak tweak, made its way into the App Store. Now, it appears another knock off version of a popular jailbreak tweak has snuck past Apple into the store again. This time it’s a crafty fake of Intelliborn’s IntelliScreenX, normally available for $9.99 via Cydia. 

The misleading app is also titled IntelliScreenX, but it’s selling for a tempting $0.99. The description of the app, by a developer called “JB Solutions” describes the app as “IntelliScreenX – Notification Center the way it should be!” 

The iTunes reviews reveal it’s most definitely a scam–that’s after you read through a bunch of fake positive reviews of the app. But victims will realize after paying 99 cents, what they’ll get is just a crappy clock app, not IntelliScreenX.

Here’s what IntelliScreenX really looks like: 


…and here are the fake screens provided by the knock off in the App Store:

Intelliscreenx Intelliscreenx2

You can check out the fake IntelliScreenX here (just don’t download it). It will most likely be pulled soon, just like the fake SBSettings app.

Thanks @suttonmontreal


  • K3

    they both actually showed in itunes same day- kind of surprising it’s still there for download.


    If you look at the developer info “he” has a NFC app for .99 which I think is also a scam has been there since Nov 7. So no one looks at apps at Apple anymore?


    Also noticing version 1.0 was put on the App Store at the of September they really dropped the ball eh

  • Gusto

    Apple still check apps… But only if they’re from competitors…

  • Zach

    Wtf did I just download?

  • Zach

    Note to self.. Do not vist this blog while drinking lol

  • NK

    Why don’t they have real apps like these in the appstore?