Final Fantasy I, II and III for iOS on Sale, Final Fantasy IV Coming Dec. 20th


Square Enix currently has a sale on Final Fantasy I, II, and III for iOS (via Pocket Gamer). The sale prices are as follows:

  • Final Fantasy I – $3.99 (was $8.99)
  • Final Fantasy II – $3.99 (was $8.99)
  • Final Fantasy III – $8.99 (was $15.99)
  • Final Fantasy III for iPad – $9.99 (was $16.99)
  • Final Fantasy Dimensions (in-game purchase) – $16.99 (was $28.99)

Also, the Square Enix Blog notes Final Fantasy IV is coming soon, with the following description:

Final Fantasy IV – The critically acclaimed RPG, Final Fantasy IV (originally renamed Final Fantasy II when it was first released in the West), set the standard for role-playing games with its diverse cast of characters, deep plot and real-time Active Time Battle system. This iOS version is based on the same 2008 3D remake for the Nintendo DS.

However, the main website shows a graphic teaser with the arrival date of December 20th for Final Fantasy IV.

final fantasy IV

If you’re a fan of Finally Fantasy IV, you’re probably going to love the addition of the 3D DS remake coming to iOS.


  • Rob

    I’m tired of the only for iPhone crap, iPhone’s are not anymore advanced than early android phones, the S3 has better capability but is shunned by being an android phone thus getting screwed out of all the great games that it could easily run. I know 100Ms of people have Apple, but a huge percentage of the market is shunned for not have a iOS capability, when Macintosh isn’t the only mobile PC out there. It’s like having XBox only games and phasing out the Nintendo and Sony customers because of brand loyalty. Strange how Square is now phasing out such a large sales volume.